incredible discounts and deals

Venngo infuses your private WorkPerks® program with a tantalizing selection of top name products and services. Our growing audience enables us to negotiate deals and discounts that these companies traditionally reserve only for their best, high-volume buyers.

We’re picky. If a WorkPerks® discount or deal offered to your employees doesn’t meet our high standards — or yours — we remove it.

Within WorkPerks® each perk is presented with 3 pages dedicated to promoting the discounted product and/or service.

Over the course of the year perks are continually added and updated. Employees are encouraged to return to the site regularly to see what’s new.

Managing employee programs can be a time-consuming hassle. Unless your solution is WorkPerks®! Our easy to use administrative tools, templates, and intuitive tips make it all easy. And, our customer support team is so fast and helpful, we win awards for it. But our real reward is helping you and your staff get the most out of WorkPerks®.

Canada’s leading employers are now using WorkPerks®
to give their employees special deals and discounts from leading brand name companies and trusted local businesses. We call them perks, and we wrap them up in a private WorkPerks® website set up exclusively for your company.
WorkPerks® is a fully outsourced solution. That means we take care of all the details and you enjoy all the benefits. Perks are only a mouse-click away — seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Your staff can conveniently access your password protected WorkPerks®site from work, home or at the cottage, knowing that our award-winning customer service is always available.
Better employee relations
What WorkPerks® does best is show your employees that you value their efforts every day. They appreciate that you are trying to save them money — potentially lots of money — on the products and services they already purchase.
WorkPerks® makes it easy to show your employees that you care.
And when that happens, you benefit too — with greater employee satisfaction and retention. Your staff receive valuable discounts and offers from some of the world’s biggest brand name companies and those smaller shops around their home and office that they love to visit.
Let’s see how much you could be saving your employees each year* from just a few of our available categories.
You could be saving
your employees up to:
$ 0 /year
number of employees
 when going...
*based on average spending for a family of four, actual results may vary.
Travel, electronics, shoes, tickets, apparel...
and so much more. WorkPerks® has something for everyone and offers employees the opportunity to save money on quality products and services in every aspect of their life. We are constantly sourcing new perks that increase the value of your employee WorkPerks® program. If your employees want something they don’t see, they can simply request it and we’ll do our best to get it. We work hard behind the scenes, following up on their requests to ensure that the products your employees want are added quickly.
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