what is memberperks®?

It's an easy, fully-managed way to provide significantly more value to your members

Your members get special deals and discounts from leading brand name companies and trusted local businesses. We call them perks, and we wrap them all up in a private MemberPerks® website set up exclusively for your organization.

we take care of the details
  • We manage the relationships with the product and service providers, so that you can maintain focus on your business.

  • Our best practices approach outlines the steps to a successful program. From launch, to ongoing member engagement, these guidelines help ensure your program is a success.

  • Regular communications advise members of new and seasonal perks, and remind them of existing ones.

  • Venngo manages a bilingual support centre — online and toll-free — to look after any customer service issues.

Venngo — the company the world's biggest companies trust

With nearly a decade of experience delivering brand name discount programs to consumers, Venngo has the insight, connections and know-how to ensure your MemberPerks® program runs smoothly.

boost your value-proposition and revenues

The more value members get from your organization, the greater likelihood they will continue supporting your organization. MemberPerks® is the fastest and easiest way to provide that added value, by giving your members what they want most — incredible savings on the products and services they purchase every day.

it's only a click or tap away

MemberPerks® is a complete turnkey solution. Your members can conveniently access the password protected MemberPerks® program from work, home, the shopping mall or at the cottage, knowing that our award-winning customer service is always available.

what you need to get started

  1. a desire to provide valuable benefits to your members
  2. a computer and Internet connection
  3. a logo to appear on your organizations's MemberPerks® site
  4. a list of members to invite

It's as easy as that — Venngo takes care of the rest!

MemberPerks® is a fully outsourced solution. That means we take care of all the details. You enjoy all the benefits.

expect to see a lot of smiling members

The savings are incredible. But that's no surprise. We leverage the negotiating power of over one million consumers to get fantastic deals and discounts for your members — everything from computers and insurance to health clubs and travel.

all of the benefits — none of the hassles

MemberPerks® is a fully outsourced solution. That means we take care of all the details. You enjoy all the benefits.

ongoing value

To ensure the success of your MemberPerks® solution, Venngo continuously promotes the suite of products and services to your members. An initial launch campaign is followed by ongoing promotions including email newsletters, and printed materials that keep them up to date on new or timely promotional offers.

features and benefits
for your organization
  • enhance loyalty and member satisfaction
  • help attract and retain new members
  • increase web traffic
  • inexpensive to implement and maintain
  • fully managed
  • private and customized
for your members
  • the products they want
  • the perks they love
With a corporate WorkPerks® program your staff will have private access to a growing list of discounts from over 1,200 national brand and local businesses.
Create a benefits program that provides your members access to a wide range of discounts from brand name companies they recognize and local businesses they trust.
Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with a private program that gives them access to valuable discounts from leading brand name companies and trusted local businesses.
Instantly put your products or services in front of a private, targeted audience of consumers from the most influential companies, associations and customer groups in the country.

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