Venngo is Canada's leading providing of fully-managed employee discount programs, member discount programs, customer discount programs and personal discount programs. We offer discounts on everything from discounted tickets and discounted dining to discounted shoes and discounted travel. We call them perks and with you perks you can save money on the items you buy every day.

We have discounts, special offers and exclusive deals from national brand name companies and the local stores that you love to visit. We call them perks. The perks available through our employee discount program, member discount program, customer discount program or personal discount program, help your staff, members or customers save their hard earned money in the places they love to shop.

Give your employees, members, customers or yourself perks - discounts on brand name and local stores nearby. We have a national discount program with perks available across Canada and a bilingual support staff to offer help whenever required.

We are Canada's largest provider of employee discounts, member discounts, customer discounts, and personal discounts.
WorkPerks, MemberPerks, CustomerPerks and MyPerks help your staff, members, customers and you save money every day.
We have a discount for everybody and new perks are added every day to save your staff, members or customers money.
AdPerks let you promote your special deal or exclusive offer to a private and exclusive audience of consumers who are searching for deals on products and services like yours.
With AdPerks, brand name discounts and discounts from local vendors are added every day.
Discounts for employees, discounts for members and discounts for employees are provided through our WorkPerks, MemberPerks and CustomerPerks programs. Fully managed discount programs for your staff, members or customers.

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help your staff save money — every day
With a corporate WorkPerks® program your staff will have private access to a growing list of discounts from over 1,200 national brand and local businesses.
keep your members coming back
Create a benefits program that provides your members access to a wide range of discounts from brand name companies they recognize and local businesses they trust.
create a unique customer value-add
Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with a private program that gives them access to valuable discounts from leading brand name companies and trusted local businesses.
new customers are looking for you
Instantly put your products or services in front of a private, targeted audience of consumers from the most influential companies, associations and customer groups in the country.

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