what is workperks®?

It's the cost-effective, fully-managed, easy to use employee discount program.

Your employees get special deals and discounts from leading brand name companies and trusted local businesses. We call them perks, and we've wrapped them all up in your private WorkPerks® website set up exclusively for your company.

screen shots and mobile phones
Just because you run a small business, it doesn't mean your employees shouldn't have access to a great employee discount program.
With My WorkPerks® your employee's can enjoy all the perks of a large corporate discount program while you enjoy all of the benefits that some of Canada's largest, and most respected employers have gained with WorkPerks® — a growing, fully-managed employee discount program that let's you focus on your business while we look after saving your employees money every day.

Venngo — the company the world's biggest companies trust

With nearly a decade of experience delivering brand name discount programs to consumers, Venngo has the insight, connections and know-how to ensure your WorkPerks® program runs smoothly.

Canada's award for Excellence

satisfied employees stay

Finding, hiring, and training new employees costs you time and money. Why risk it? WorkPerks® makes sure your staff knows that you appreciate their work and loyalty.

as easy as a mouse click

WorkPerks® is a complete turnkey solution. Your staff can conveniently access the password protected WorkPerks® program from work, home or at the cottage, knowing that our award-winning customer service is always available.

we take care of the details
  • Venngo negotiates, manages and provides all discounts, special offers and value-added services.

  • Upon the launch of your WorkPerks® program, each employee will receive an invitation with instructions on how to create their account and start saving.

  • Regular e-newsletters will advise them of new and seasonal offers, or remind them of existing ones. Employees can choose the frequency of the e-newsletters, or opt-out.

  • Venngo looks after all customer support issues through email and our toll-free number.

WorkPerks® is a fully outsourced solution. That means we take care of all the details. You enjoy all the benefits.

expect to see a lot of smiles around the workplace

The savings are incredible. But that's no surprise. We leverage the negotiating power of over one million consumers to get fantastic deals and discounts for your employees — everything from computers and insurance to health clubs and travel.

"WorkPerks is awesome! I was able to celebrate my birthday at Medieval Times for such a great discount! I use the 15% off at Jack Astors all the time, and I even went to a raptors game! So fun!"


become an employer of choice!

When employees leave it isn't always for greater pay. Often it's about their company's culture — the intangibles. No wonder 87% of Canadian businesses plan to implement employee satisfaction and retention initiatives over the next 12 months. Your WorkPerks® program helps you attract and — more importantly — retain the best talent. Now that's a competitive edge!

"I have saved more than $2000 so far in 2013 by using WorkPerks on almost everything I purchase. From clothing, electronics, but especially FOOD!"


what you need to get started
  • a desire to help your staff
  • a computer and Internet connection
  • a company logo to appear on your company's WorkPerks® site
  • a list of employees to invite
features and benefits
for your company
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • boost morale and create goodwill
  • help attract and retain employees
  • inexpensive to implement and maintain
  • fully managed
  • private and customized
  • improve productivity
  • enhance company culture
for your employees
  • the products they want
  • the perks they love
  • extend savings to family members
  • easy to use
pile of perks

product tour

incredible discounts and deals

Venngo infuses your private WorkPerks® program with a tantalizing selection of top name products and services. Our growing audience enables us to negotiate deals and discounts that these companies traditionally reserve only for their best, high-volume buyers.

the 3 page perk

Busy employees need programs to be easily accessible. WorkPerks® is easy to use and can be securely accessed online from work or from home. To ensure each perk can be easily redeemed, they are presented in a standard template. It’s a complete 3 pages dedicated to promoting the discounted product or service. Each perk within the program contains the following pages:

we’re picky.

If a WorkPerks® discount or deal offered to your employees doesn’t meet our high standards — or yours — we remove it.

new offers daily

Over the course of the year perks are continually added and updated. Employees are encouraged to return to the site regularly to see what’s new.

we do the lifting

Managing employee programs can be a time-consuming hassle. Unless your solution is WorkPerks®! Our easy to use administrative tools, templates, and intuitive tips make it all easy. And, our customer support team is so fast and helpful, we win awards for it. But our real reward is helping you and your staff get the most out of WorkPerks®.

"WorkPerks is extremely easy to use and very convenient. I like the ease of using it anywhere/anytime."


Within WorkPerks® each perk is presented with 3 pages dedicated to promoting the discounted product and/or service.

about the perk

This page contains the complete details of the perk, and provides specific information about the products, services and company.

use the perk

This page let’s employees know how, and where they will be able take advantage of the perk — in-store, online, etc. — as well as related instructions and payment types.

locate the perk

This page lets employees get specific location information - all in-store locations, online addresses, etc. and includes both maps and driving directions.

how we promote your WorkPerks® program

We know employees look forward to learning about the latest deals available through your company’s private WorkPerks® program. Once your WorkPerks® program is launched, it’s our job to ensure employees are up-to-date with the latest perks. With a broad range of communications materials — whether online, in print or inbox — we work hard to ensure your employees are engaged with their WorkPerks® program.

how it works

WorkPerks® is simple to run, easy to use and extremely secure. Accessible from work, home or at the cottage, your employees can quickly start saving money.

license WorkPerks®

welcome screen

We have a WorkPerks® program for company's from 10 to 100, 000. Contact one of our sales representatives for an online demo and to learn about licensing WorkPerks® for your employees.

review best practices

best practices

To ensure your program is a success, we have created a best practices document that outlines the most effective way to launch and sustain a successful WorkPerks® program.

program setup

welcome letter

We tailor WorkPerks® to fit your company. It is customized with your company logo, the list of available perks is reviewed, and the easiest way to have your employees securely register is implemented.

invite your employees

welcome letter

Once your program is ready to launch you will receive promotional materials to post at your offices, and your employees will receive a WorkPerks® email or printed invitation to access your program.

start saving

raining perks

Employees can instantly start taking advantage of the savings by simply creating and activating their accounts online. Typically all they need to register is their corporate email address or employee ID.

we take care of the rest

screen shots

We are constantly adding new perks, and it’s our job to ensure employees are up-to-date with the latest deals and discounts. With a broad range of communications materials — whether online, in print or inbox — we work hard to ensure your employees are engaged with their WorkPerks® program. Customer support — your staff’s questions and requests come directly to us and are dealt with promptly.

pile of perks

WorkPerks® makes it easy to show your employees that you care.

And when that happens, you benefit too — with greater employee satisfaction and retention. Your staff receive valuable discounts and offers from some of the world’s biggest brand name companies and those smaller shops around their home and office that they love to visit.

why it works

because it’s win-win

Your employees enjoy receiving special treatment and discounts that are hard to find anywhere else. You benefit from increased employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

we keep the perks close

To help employees save money, we make sure the perks we display are available in their area. All employees set a default location so that we are able to present them with a relevant list of perks nearby.

real deals

We are not simply interested in advertising to your employees. We make sure there is a great offer attached to every perk. Poor perks diminish the value for everyone, so we are always looking to ensure the offers are as good as they can be. In fact, we'll remove a perk that doesn't meet our high standards.

more choices

From apparel and cars, to computers and travel — WorkPerks® has something for everyone. We are Canada's leading provider of brand name discounts and our list of participating companies continues to grow. We are constantly sourcing new perks to increase the value of your WorkPerks® program.

easy access

Saving money is only a mouse-click away when using their perks” — employees can access the discounts seven days a week, 24 hours a day, online, from wherever they are. And, monthly opt-in e-newsletters ensure that new and seasonal offers are top of mind.

nothing complicated

Our easy to use online tools make WorkPerks® access simple. Online forms, templates and tips mean employees get the most from your WorkPerks® program.

better employee relations

What WorkPerks® does best is show your employees that you value their efforts every day. They appreciate that you are trying to save them money — potentially lots of money — on the products and services they use every day.

That's why we work so hard behind the scenes, following up on their requests to ensure that the products your employees want to see in WorkPerks® are added quickly.

ongoing communication

Introducing your employees to WorkPerks® is only the beginning. We regularly communicate new products, great offers, and money-saving tips to your staff to ensure that they are getting the most out of the program.

Here are just some of canada’s leading companies that are using WorkPerks® for their employees...

"I used the Day's Inn perk this past March when I went to Buffalo for my birthday weekend with my best friend. We stayed at the Days Inn and Suites Niagara Falls/Buffalo hotel and the room for the night was only $67 all taxes in, which gave us more spending money for our shopping excursions! It was at least a 20% savings because other hotels were at about $100/night. I have found WorkPerks® to be easy to use and has some great deals. I used it earlier in the year to get a good deal at Ste Anne's Spa, which I hope is available again next year!"



WorkPerks® provides private access to a wide range of discounted products and value-added services — we call them perks. A single online access point connects your employees to local, regional and national perks. Within seconds your staff can start saving money on the products and services they want and need.

a lot more

(more products, more services, more deals…)

Your employees benefit from our constant search for bigger and better deals. We aggressively pursue the brand names they trust and seek the best deals and discounts from across the country.

We know your employees like shopping near their home or office. We actively pursue local companies to bring true value to your employees.

something for everyone

Insurance, travel, health clubs, mortgages, florists and so much more. Whether your employees are looking for footwear, cars, or financial planners, WorkPerks® offers them the opportunity to save money on quality products and services in every aspect of their life. If they want something they don't see, they can simply request it and we'll do our best to get it.

integrate your own deals — it’s easy!

Already have an employee deal that you would like to keep? No problem. Simply add them to your WorkPerks® site using our easy to use administration tools.

top national brands — trusted local businesses

We have the products and services from national brands that are synonymous with quality, and offer them to your employees at deep discounts. In addition, WorkPerks® features deals from local and regional businesses that your employees know and trust. No other program does more to offer the products and services your employees want most, at prices they'll love.

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WorkPerks® is an innovative employee satisfaction solution that quickly and inexpensively provides businesses of all sizes with a fully outsourced employee discount program that is tailored to their needs. Your employees save money, while your company cost-effectively provides them with another great reason to feel good about coming to work.



1. Is WorkPerks® available in both English and French?

Yes. WorkPerks® is a bilingual program. Employee's specify their language preferences when they set up their accounts.

2. How long does it take to set up a WorkPerks® program?

WorkPerks® programs are simple to set up and require very little resources to launch and maintain. Timelines are typically driven by the size of your company, internal review processes and desired launch date. The actual set up and launch of a WorkPerks® site could be completed in as little as a week.

3. How much can an employee expect to save?

Right out of the box, WorkPerks® is able to provide your employees a broad range of programs and savings. There is something for everyone. With any single perk, an employee can save tens to hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars.

4. Can my company add its own savings programs?

Yes. If you have an existing employee savings programs or other benefit program, we can simply add them to your WorkPerks® program. With WorkPerks® you can create a single point of access for all your employee perks.

5. Will our personal and corporate information remain private?

Yes. Personal information provided is never shared with any third party without expressed permission. We use a secure 128bit SSL encryption when sensitive information is being transferred to us. Our flexible employee management system allows us to work with as little or as much information as you would like to provide.

6. What if my company has a discount that we'd like to promote through WorkPerks®?

Any business that has a special offer which it would like to promote to other WorkPerks® audiences, can purchase an AdPerks® program online. For more information please visit AdPerks®.

7. How much does WorkPerks® cost?

WorkPerks® offers a tiered approach to pricing to ensure that you have the most cost-effective plan for your business. Please see pricing for more information.

8. How do my employees take advantage of the perks?

WorkPerks® is easy to use and can be securely accessed online from work, home or anywhere with an internet connection. Each perk includes instruction on how it is to be used. Most are redeemable online, over the phone or in-store. We also have scheduled opt-in email newsletters that provide updates on new and seasonal offers.

9. Can my employees request perks?

Yes. Employees are encouraged to let us know if there is a perk they are looking for by using the "suggest a perk" feature, available throughout the site.


general contact

Corporate Headquarters

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T. 416.240.1811 or 866.3VENNGO (836646)
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Billing: Please see "billing inquiries"

billing inquiries

Venngo® processes the billing for WorkPerks®, MemberPerks®, CustomerPerks®, AdPerks®, MyPerks® and sales of selected third-party partners. If you have purchased a product or service directly from one of our third-party partners and have a billing inquiry about that purchase, please contact them directly.

Privacy is important to us and we appreciate your trust. Credit card information is not stored on our servers. We have processes in place to help ensure every transaction you make will be safe. We use industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software to encrypt all personal information, including name, billing address and credit card information, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the internet.

When you make a purchase from us, VENNGO INC. will appear on your credit card statement as the vendor for all purchases. If you have a question for us regarding one of those purchases, please call our Customer Service representatives at 1.866.383.6646 or contact us for assistance.