what is workperks®?

It's the cost-effective, fully-managed, easy to use employee discount program.

Your employees get special deals and discounts from leading brand name companies and trusted local businesses. We call them perks, and we've wrapped them all up in your private WorkPerks® website set up exclusively for your company.

Just because you run a small business, it doesn't mean your employees shouldn't have access to a great employee discount program.
With My WorkPerks® your employee's can enjoy all the perks of a large corporate discount program while you enjoy all of the benefits that some of Canada's largest, and most respected employers have gained with WorkPerks® — a growing, fully-managed employee discount program that let's you focus on your business while we look after saving your employees money every day.

Venngo — the company the world's biggest companies trust

With nearly a decade of experience delivering brand name discount programs to consumers, Venngo has the insight, connections and know-how to ensure your WorkPerks® program runs smoothly.

satisfied employees stay

Finding, hiring, and training new employees costs you time and money. Why risk it? WorkPerks® makes sure your staff knows that you appreciate their work and loyalty.

as easy as a mouse click

WorkPerks® is a complete turnkey solution. Your staff can conveniently access the password protected WorkPerks® program from work, home or at the cottage, knowing that our award-winning customer service is always available.

we take care of the details
  • Venngo negotiates, manages and provides all discounts, special offers and value-added services.

  • Upon the launch of your WorkPerks® program, each employee will receive an invitation with instructions on how to create their account and start saving.

  • Regular e-newsletters will advise them of new and seasonal offers, or remind them of existing ones. Employees can choose the frequency of the e-newsletters, or opt-out.

  • Venngo looks after all customer support issues through email and our toll-free number.

WorkPerks® is a fully outsourced solution. That means we take care of all the details. You enjoy all the benefits.

expect to see a lot of smiles around the workplace

The savings are incredible. But that's no surprise. We leverage the negotiating power of over one million consumers to get fantastic deals and discounts for your employees — everything from computers and insurance to health clubs and travel.

"WorkPerks is awesome! I was able to celebrate my birthday at Medieval Times for such a great discount! I use the 15% off at Jack Astors all the time, and I even went to a raptors game! So fun!"


become an employer of choice!

When employees leave it isn't always for greater pay. Often it's about their company's culture — the intangibles. No wonder 87% of Canadian businesses plan to implement employee satisfaction and retention initiatives over the next 12 months. Your WorkPerks® program helps you attract and — more importantly — retain the best talent. Now that's a competitive edge!

"I have saved more than $2000 so far in 2013 by using WorkPerks on almost everything I purchase. From clothing, electronics, but especially FOOD!"


what you need to get started
  • a desire to help your staff
  • a computer and Internet connection
  • a company logo to appear on your company's WorkPerks® site
  • a list of employees to invite
features and benefits
for your company
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • boost morale and create goodwill
  • help attract and retain employees
  • inexpensive to implement and maintain
  • fully managed
  • private and customized
  • improve productivity
  • enhance company culture
for your employees
  • the products they want
  • the perks they love
  • extend savings to family members
  • easy to use
With a corporate WorkPerks® program your staff will have private access to a growing list of discounts from over 1,200 national brand and local businesses.
Create a benefits program that provides your members access to a wide range of discounts from brand name companies they recognize and local businesses they trust.
Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with a private program that gives them access to valuable discounts from leading brand name companies and trusted local businesses.
Instantly put your products or services in front of a private, targeted audience of consumers from the most influential companies, associations and customer groups in the country.

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