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our obsession is you…well your brand that is

Our ingenuity team is comprised of a collection of curious and thoughtful business leaders. our work helps extend a brand’s market influence, reputation, and revenue by creating memorable, inspired experiences for consumers. our approach, which leverages our core products in meaningful ways, helps partners cultivate relevant relationships with their consumers.

content curation

Using our library of exclusive offers, our team will help you create a curated program that’s best for your targeted base. we address the needs of a variety of customer segments, from millennials to young families to retirees, so whether you’re looking to reward customers or stimulate desired behaviours, our pinpoint approach will help provide substantial lift.

behavioural insights

Understand customer consumption patterns and preferences by using our content and/or platform. use analytics and performance-based data to understand the purchase decisions and motivation of your consumers.

business strategy

At the heart of our ingenuity team’s work is the capacity to solve problems that face your business. whether you are looking to add value, increase your market share, or build a pipeline of alternative revenue streams, we have a solution that will fit.